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Maria Doreuli
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My name is Maria. I was born in Moscow and I have spent most of my life there. My passion for drawing as well as collecting printed ephemera lead me to study graphic design at the Moscow State University of Printing, which is where I earned a Masters Degree. During my time there I explored different subjects within the art and design field, before discovering that the right place for me was the Type Design Workshop. At the workshop I worked on my graduation project, William Typeface, under the head of Alexander Tarbeev, whose influence encouraged me to pursue my love for letters. As a result William received Letter.2, Granshan and NewCyrillic awards. I was also selected for ‘Young designer of the year’ by Akzia newspaper in 2011.
Alongside my studies, I’ve been doing commercial type-related projects as a freelancer since 2009, collaborating with various publishing houses and design studios in the field of corporate identity, lettering and type design. I also have a 3-year experience as a full-time graphic designer in Art direction department of the News and Information Agency RIA Novosti (2009–2012). Several of the projects I was working on were selected in Russian Design Rating, one of them received a bronze in Artistic catalogue category of ED Awards in 2012.
Since graduating, I always wanted to have the opportunity to continue my studies in Type Design, at a school that focuses not only on producing typefaces, but on the process of calligraphy, sketching and searching for new directions in design. This is why, last year I moved to the Hague to study on the TypeMedia course at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK). My goal now is to find the way to combine my drawing skills and my knowledge of programming into my design process and see how that affects the end result.
Although my final project at Type and Media is not focused on Cyrillics, I enjoy the process of designing Cyrillic. During my time in The Hague, I had many discussions with my colleague Krista Radoeva about the peculiar differences between Russian and Bulgarian Cyrillics, which lead to further investigation of this topic. This inspired me to do research and collect materials on the history of the Cyrillic script and I hope that in the future my work will be able to improve the look of contemporary Cyrillic typography.
Since 2013 I work as an independent professional. I am currently based in Moscow and collaborate with various clients from all over the world.

T A L K S & L E C T U R E S
— Serebro Nabora conference (Moscow, Russia)
Two Cyrillic. A more exciting history
— ATypI conference (Amsterdam, NL)
The contrast between Russian and Bulgarian Cyrillic

2013 Type masters / Moscow, Russia
2013 Type masters / Brisbane, Australia
2013 Type masters / Berlin, Germany
2012 Letter.2 Contest Exhibition / Hong Kong, China
2011 Exhibition of the Granjan winning typefaces / Munich, Germany / Erevan, Armenia
2010 Graduation exhibition of typedesign graduation progects at Project Fabrika / Moscow, Russia
2009 Type and calligraphy festival «Свято Кирилицi» exhibution during the AtypI conference / Dublin, Ireland
2009 Type and calligraphy festival «Свято Кирилицi» exhibution / Kharkiv, Ukraine

2012 New Cyrillic Award (William typefamily)
2012 European Design Awards (Bronze in Artistic Catalogue category)
2012 Top 100 of Russian Design Rating 2011 on Kak.ru:
— Lettering The White Fairytale (Just Design studio)
— Layout & package design Russian Sport photography (RIA Novosti)
— Photoalbum layout and cover design (RIA Novosti)
— RIANGrotesque (RIA Novosti)
— Corporate calendar 2012 (RIA Novosti)
2011 Granshan 2011 competition
1st place (Cyrillic text typeface category) (William typefamily)
2011 Letter.2 International contest, best typefaces of the past 10 year (William typefamily)
2011 Short list of The Best works 2010 by Serov on Kak.ru (William typefamily)
2005 1st place at the calligraphic and lettering contest Zapf Games

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